Women's and Gender Studies

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The Lafer Center for Women's and Gender Studies, the first of its kind in Israel, coordinates programs of the Hebrew University in the areas of gender and women’s studies. Offering courses at the M.A. level, public events and lectures, seminars and scholarships for graduate students.
The Center supports research and activities designed to further understanding of women and gender.

Our Mission & Goals
As an academic institution, the Lafer Center aims at promoting feminist research in different disciplines, and is interested in making Gender issues an integral part of academic instruction and research. As a feminist institution, the Lafer Center aims at opening academic research to new community-based ideas, with the goal of advancing gender equality both in the academy and in Israeli society. The Lafer Center, in its essence, aims at bridging the gap between theory and practice within feminist work. By means of its programs and activities, the Lafer Center creates a new discourse which can further both.

Courses and scholarships
The Lafer Center offers every year a number of courses in Feminist theories and scholarships for outstanding M.A., Doctorat and Post-Doctoral students.

Director, Prof. Moshe Sluhovsky
Coordinator, Reut Israeli

The Lafer Center for Women's and Gender Studies
Room 3412, Faculty of Social Sciences
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Mount Scopus
Jerusalem 9190501
Tel. 02-5883056
Fax: 02-5880004

For further information:
E-mail: lafer@mail.huji.ac.il